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No need to stress yet. It's a bit longer than 8 weeks before Christmas, but Christmas is around the corner and to say thank you for supporting XOKiddo over the last year we are going to spoil you with a Christmas countdown not for the usual 12 Days of Christmas BUT a whole 8 weeks of fantastic giveaways, tips and deals to help you plan for the festive period and have some fun before Santa arrives!


What to expect? We have collaborated with beautiful shops (all small businesses) to spoil you with awesome giveaways each week. We know Christmas is an expensive time of the year and therefore we will give you great deals, discounts and even free stuff and last but not least, we will provide you with tips to go into this holiday season prepared and stress-free. 
Does that sound good?

Well... sign up, and you will receive all this in your mailbox each week 

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