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We would like to introduce to you Kate Newman...

Kate (Katy) Newman. Katy is the proud owner of 'What Katy baked next' She makes amazing cakes that are delicious as well. 

Please tell us a bit about yourselves, where do you live and about your family...

My name is Kate, but I've always been called Katy at work. I grew up in North London and went to school at Henrietta Barnett where I met my best friends Jess and Jodie who have supported me at every twist and turn. They are as much family as the family I was born with. I met my husband on New year's Eve 2009/10, we argue about whether it was before or after midnight. And Mark is my soulmate, no doubt about it! Every day he does something that reminds me why he is the one. We have two sons who are 4 and 3. Crazy close together! But I was a nanny for 12 years before I had them so I was more or less prepared, thankfully! And although I've moved around a lot in my life we are happily settled in Finchley, our little village in London. 

Please tell is a little bit about your business. How did you get the idea for your business?

I had always baked with the kids I looked after and then my own. When I was invited anywhere it was pretty standard to assume I was arriving with cake in hand. My best friend's son was turning six and he asked me for a Super Mario cake. Undaunted I accepted the challenge. At the party lots of parents asked me if I made cakes professionally and in that moment it dawned on me that yes.... Yes I could! So with completely no knowledge of how to run a business I went home thought up the name, joined social media and I was off.... I must say when I look back at that Super Mario cake all I can see is what I didn't know, but it will always be one of my favourites as it's the cake that changed my life!

How do you balance work, family and friends?

I don't honestly know that I do balance work, friends and family. It would be more accurate to say I juggle. Some days I fire fight... The most urgent thing gets priority. And some days I mess up, don't put the right thing first and then try not beat myself up about it! And then sometimes fail at that too. I'm just doing my best.

What is your vision/dream for your business?

My vision is to make beautiful and delicious cakes that make people happy. Including myself. And to create something never seen before. I'm working on a project I'm super excited about! (Please do let us know as soon the time is there. We know you can not say anything just yet, but we would love to know more)

What have been your biggest challenges so far and how did you overcome them?

The biggest challenge has definitely been learning how to run a business. I'm completely confident in my kitchen, but I had to learn overnight about pricing, spreadsheets, advertising, social media.... The list of things I didn't know about goes on. Having a great product is the smallest pay of having a business!

What do you love most about your job?

It's so hard to pick a favourite. Is it the moment inspiration strikes and I know I have a great idea? Or the time spent lost in modelling and intricate detail? Or the look on a client's face when they see the finished creation? I don't know, it's impossible.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Spare time? Yes I think I've heard of this! I don't remember the last time I read a whole book.... That's my fantasy spare time. One day maybe.

Where can people find you?

I think the best place to find me, get a sense of my work and who I am is on Instagram @whatkatybakednext.


But I'm also on Facebook or covered in flour and icing sugar in my cake room at home! 


Thank you SO much, Katy! You do amazing things. We think you're incredibly clever. Not only do your cakes look amazing, but they taste very good as well!  We couldn't recommend you more!