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New Year New Adventures

by MICA Interactive Collaborator |

2019 is nearly upon us; and we are sure you are as amazed as we are at how fast this year has passed as it seems to have just gone by in a flash! Once the kiddos start school it seems to go so much faster; and before you know it your tiny little toddlers are out in the big wide world all independent and learning new and exciting things on a daily basis at school.

It is like that for us at XOKiddo; as we are still finding our way in this big and crazy world with 2018 having been our first full year in business but what a ball we have are having! When we launched in April 2017, we knew we wanted to offer quality unisex organic cotton clothing for your kiddos that was trendy but timeless, whilst at the same time reducing the use of chemicals and pesticides to protect the health of farmers, workers, our lovely customers and the entire planet.

We had so many ideas for new designs your kiddos would love; but didn’t quite realise how challenging it would be to launch a new business, but also quite how much fun we would have along the way!

New Year is always a time to reflect back on the last year as well as planning for the next 12 months, and we are so grateful for all the lovely customers who have purchased from XOKiddo over the last year, how supportive you have been of us and the fantastic reviews you have given us.

Our latest collection not only introduces a number of exciting new colours to our original Dutch colour pallet but it also now available all the way up to age 10. Every week we were receiving messages from lovely customers saying they wished we offered our clothing in bigger sizes so that their older kids can also wear our designs, so we are therefore, extremely happy to be able to now provide this with the new collection. With the main bulk of our clothing being unisex, it also means
that both your boy and girl kiddos can wear them; saving your money and reducing landfill which helps future generations.

If you haven’t already seen our new and improved website, we hope you like it and have checked out our online store? With winter just around the corner, your kiddos will soon be grateful for our Thermal Merino Top and Leggings to keep them warm and cosy or our matching Rib Knit Kids Bobby Hat and Scarfs to keep the chill off; especially if you are planning to hit the ski slopes over the next few months.

2019 is going to be our most exciting year yet as we are hoping to get our lovely XOKiddo creations into stores up and down the UK and across the world to share the XO love and get more kiddos stepping out in our gear. If you know of any retailers in your local area that may be interested in being a wholesaler for us please do get in touch, as we are always grateful for any feedback.

XOKiddo would like to wish you all an awesome 2019, and love and happiness to you and your family

Rona XO

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