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How YOU can get involved in Organic September!

by Rona Hollows |

For the whole of this month, we are celebrating Organic September to promote all things organic and to give YOU ideas for doing your bit to make changes to the environment and how you live. 

If you are wondering why you should get involved; to put it simply if more people buy organic food it means there will be more organic farms resulting in lower levels of pesticides, no manufactured herbicides or artificial fertilisers and therefore, the land and environment are protected as is the wildlife. It has been reported that there is 50% more wildlife on organic farms so it makes such a big difference. Farm animals will be treated and raised in better conditions and all of this together affects the food on your plate with fewer pesticides, no artificial colours & preservatives, always free range, no routine use of antibiotics and no GM ingredients.

All organic farms and food companies are inspected at least once a year and the standards for organic food are laid down in European law and many people don’t realise that switching to just one organic item of food be it fruit, vegetables, eggs or meat can make a massive change to supporting our food systems and means more organic farms can be opened. It’s all about changing people’s perceptions as it is a common misconception that organic food costs more when in-fact it is often either the same price, if not cheaper than non-organic foods.
On Saturday 15th September independent shops across the country will be opening their doors to showcase their organic ranges to shoppers offering samples, tastings and demos, so it would be great if we could all support them.
Going organic is easy as you just need to look for the Soil Association organic logo on your food, health, beauty and textiles products which means they have been produced to the highest possible animal welfare and environmental standards.

There are so many other ways you can get involved and here are 10 tips to going organic:

1. Kids back to school this week – introduce organic options to their lunchboxes like Pip Organic who offer organic juices and lollies or Organix who sell organic snacks that are great as extras in their lunchboxes.

2. Have cooking fun with the kids – make an organic recipe together that you will all love – the Soil Association website has lots of great recipes to choose from at

3. Eating out at the weekend – when you are at a restaurant and they bring the menu; ask them if they are taking part in the Organic September Menu Challenge and have any other food options.

4. Friday night tipple – instead of reaching for your usual beverage why not give organic wine a try?

5. Have an organic BBQ – the sun is still out for September so enjoy a BBQ and choose organic meat and try out some alternative organic recipes for your guests.

6. Change your weekly shop – there are now over 8,000 places selling organic food options from independent retailers to supermarkets that offer their own ranges; so, keep an eye out and try to introduce a few organic options to your shopping trolley each week.

7. Grow your own fruit and vegetables – whether you have room for a vegetable patch or just a small vegetable trough in your garden, you will notice how much yummier your home- grown food can be and it’s fun to teach the kids about growing their own fruit and veg.

8. Love eggs for your breakfast – try swapping to organic eggs which people often get confused with free-range eggs. Organic birds are fed a free GM diet unlike free-range and are kept in more natural conditions in smaller flocks and not given routine antibiotics or have their beaks trimmed which is cruel.

9. Swap to organic butter – it costs no more than non-organic butter so swap for a month and see if you prefer it.

10. Sign up for a box scheme – if you don’t have the time to search for organic options each week sign up for a box scheme and get it delivered directly to your door.

If you would like to know more about events happening across the country for Organic September go to the Soil Association website

#goorganic #organicseptember

Hope you enjoyed our tips and we look forward to hearing about any changes you have made.

Rona XO

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